2 Ways Twitter Bots Can Expertly Optimize Your Brand’s Twitter Account

2 Ways Twitter Bots Can Expertly Optimize Your Brand’s Twitter Account

It’s your brand’s Twitter account so in a way, you’re the boss of the account.

Then, is it right to post Tweets as you please? You’re the boss anyway.

Well, the answer is a big NO.

Yes, you’re the boss. But if you want the best for your brand and then enable it to grow, you may want to play by some rules.

Use Twitter bots.

#1: Targeting

Bots can use geo-targeting for you. In layman’s terms, they can reach out to a specific audience for you.

If you’re not reaching out to a target audience yet, you should adopt this strategy. It’s effective, time-saving, and pure genius.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you’re selling pet products to the residents of Augusta, Maine. According to geo-targeting’s logic, your target audience is the pet owners of Augusta, Maine.

As it is designed to follow commands for geo-targeting, a bot will prioritize letting the people in Augusta, Maine see your Tweets.

So what if you choose not to market to a target audience in Augusta, Maine? Rather, you choose to post to just anyone in the world, what good do you think will that do?

In such situation, you may be Tweeting to the residents of Afghanistan, Philippines, or Germany. So, there’s a high chance that they won’t buy your product. There’s also a chance that they’ll feel you’re a time-waster.

Simply put, a Twitter bot that can target people strategically is gold.

#2: Regularity

This is a strategy because it sends a message that you’re going to stick around for long. People like that they can rely on something that’s going to be there all the time — and not leave them hanging.

Won’t be online for a couple of days? Well, don’t worry.

A bot can help you follow a regular posting schedule by posting on your behalf. Just schedule your post using a scheduling automation tool so you can be up and running for about a week.

Just create posts, set a schedule, and then leave the bot to work wonders. In a matter of time, you’ll see positive results.

A Word of Caution

Yes, Twitter bots can help — a lot. But unfortunately, not all Twitter bots have the same agenda. Rather than fuel your brand’s growth, some seem to be bogus tools that don’t offer benefits in the long run.

One of them seems to be Devumi, and at Spire, you can read a review about it. While you want to grow your Twitter with the help of Twitter bots, using Devumi may not pave the way for a desirable outcome.