3 Pieces of Gym Equipment “Better” than a Treadmill

3 Pieces of Gym Equipment “Better” than a Treadmill

A treadmill is by far the owner of a spot in a list of the most popular pieces of gym equipment.

It shouldn’t even surprise you if that newbie at the gym can only name a treadmill if you ask her to jot down a list of workout equipment.

But move over, treadmill.

Here are a few machines that you should check out.

Elliptical Trainer

Firstly, you have this piece of equipment that often looks like both a stationary bike and a treadmill.

An elliptical trainer is a better choice than a treadmill because it offers better versatility and effectiveness. It lets you get a low-impact workout too!

If you don’t want to put a lot of pressure into your workout, elliptical training exercises are ideal for you.

And so, if you want to look into elliptical trainers – perhaps check out reviews and buying guides, visit Indoor Ellipticals.

Spin Bike

Then there’s the spin bike. Like an elliptical trainer, it also lets you get a form of low-impact exercise too!

The difference is its focus is on training your lower body.

An outstanding feature about it is that it grants you all the benefits of cycling. And where fitness is concerned, cycling is a top gun.

It scores above a treadmill when it comes to its effectiveness as a cardiovascular exercise.

And if your aim in working out is to lose weight, then getting a spin bike and making indoor cycling a daily activity should be in your routine.

Rowing Machine

Like a spin bike, a rowing machine is also above a treadmill when your target is a cardiovascular workout.

With it, there’s a plethora of health benefits that comes along. What makes it stand out from other exercise machines is that it offers a natural workout and it’s fun to use.

Put on good upbeat music and then it’ll be a lot like you’re simply on a boat with your mates. And you’re on your way to your favorite destination.

Just make sure you use this equipment correctly. Otherwise, you won’t reap the health benefits. For one, you’re not supposed to pull its handle above your head.

Final Thoughts

But, of course, this list is subjective. You make the final decision with regard to the piece of gym equipment you want.

If a treadmill is more of your fancy, then go ahead and buy a treadmill! Better yet, take home the abovementioned pieces of gym equipment, as well!