3 Telltale Signs that You’re an Influencer on Instagram

3 Telltale Signs that You’re an Influencer on Instagram

While you never signed up for the position, your friends are telling you that you’re an influencer on Instagram. This is a good thing.

This means that you have a powerful presence on the social network. And you can use this power to positively affect others.

If you’re having doubts whether you’re really an influencer, here are some signs worth checking out.

1 – People Agree with You

And almost immediately.

The moment you share a post is the same moment you get flooded with likes and comments. If you’ll take a 5-minute break, you’ll be surprised to realize you’ve gotten thousands — if not millions — of likes and comments for one post.

You could say something utterly ridiculous. But it could win the hearts of many people.

Even if it’s pointless, other people will approach you and then hail your words.

2 – People Find You “Naturally” Likable

Regardless of a particular action, you’re cool for other people.

You can be uncool on purpose. But you’re still the coolest person for some people.

Whether you’re wrong or you’re right doesn’t matter. What matters is you.

You may dress in drag and then share a post about it. You may do something as simple as smiling for a crowd. You may comment inappropriately on a photo. You may drive to an unpopular place.

Basically, you may do whatever you want and be praised for it.

If a non-influencer copies your lead, chances are he won’t get any kind of response.

3 – A Massive Following

And, of course, you seem to be an influencer based on your massive following. If you have thousands or millions of followers, it’s a sign that other people are into you.

Think about it. Would you follow an Instagram user if you don’t think he’s awesome?

You can also buy followers to raise your follower count. However, it’s not recommended.

Some influencers may do this.

But the real ones don’t. These influencers know better than to grow their accounts in a way that’s anything but organic.

To know which Instagram bots are at the top of their category, check out Fred Harrington’s blog. In one article, Fred analyses the top websites to grow Instagram followers.


So, if your profile fits all of the abovementioned signs, you may be an Instagram influencer. And with your help as an influential figure on the social network, other people can gear up themselves and head to an equally promising direction.

Remember that influencing others is a great power. Make sure you use it to grant good things to you and to others.