5 Life Lessons from Jordan Belfort

5 Life Lessons from Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort, fondly called the “Wolf of Wall Street”, is an epitome of success. During his years as a stockbroker, he was one of the top players in Wall Street.

If you want to follow his lead, these life lessons can help you out:

1 – Be Unapologetic about Pursuing Success

First on the list is to be unapologetic regarding your journey to success. When you’re on the top or on your way there, some people may speak negatively about you. Maybe their words are ridiculous or maybe their words are true. Either way, you have the power to just ignore them if they won’t do you any good.

Jordan was unapologetic – from his days as a beginner to the superb stockbroker that he came to be. Many people, including his own father, Max Belfort, did not always approve of his sometimes straightforward ways, but he couldn’t care less. He was goal-oriented and his goal wasn’t — at all — about getting people to like him.

2 – Hard Work Pays Off

Then, just like Jordan, you should also work hard.

Apart from holding the title as Stratton Oakmont’s co-founder, the man has a yacht, a fancy car, a luxurious house, and more than enough money to make ends meet. If you think he got these from an inheritance, you should think twice. He didn’t even have his own office when he started his career.

3 – Make Your Team Happy

3rd on the list is to make your team – consisting of the people you work with – happy. Let them feel your care and interest in their lives. Doing so gives your team a reason to probably stick around.

When one of Jordan’s 1st employees was caught in a financial problem, he granted her more than enough money to solve her then-troubles. As a result, he earned her loyalty and became one of his trusted performers.

4 – Learn to Break the Rules

You should also learn to break the rules. Sure, you can get in trouble for such a stunt. But if you play it smart, you can get a g0lorious reward.

Jordan didn’t break the rules per se, but his approach to life was that of a risk-taker’s. So he did all that he could to have leverage in the stock market.

5 – Choose Your Own Happiness

Finally, go with makes you happy.

When Jordan started making big money, he had to let go of the wife that he used to call the love of his life, Denise Lombardo. While it made him miserable for some time, the divorce was a stepping stone for him to chase after what made him happy that time around. He felt that leaving the past behind was the right call. So he civilly – and honestly, like a man would do – broke off the relationship to concentrate on his new gem.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can learn important lessons from Jordan Belfort. Not a lot of people can top him, and this is due to his attitude. He is unwavering, makes sound decision, and is always brave.