Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Options

Artificial Christmas Tree Storage Options

Using an artificial Christmas tree is fun and easy. You don’t have to keep on watering it, and even after the holiday season is over, you can still make use of the tree as a decorative item in the home. But the problem comes up when you need to store the tree for a period. Being expensive and looking to use it again in future, it is just vital that you store it the right way.

Let us look at some of the top ways to store the tree, and what not to do when storing it so that you get it as good as new when you need it.

Placing It in the Original Box

This is the first thought that comes into the mind of many owners, but it isn’t as easy as you think. Trying to stuff the oversized tree back into the original box is tough, almost nearly impossible. And if you manage to get it back into the box, you do little to protect it against the dust, because the box was initially meant for transportation and not storage.

Wrapping in Plastic Sheets

Another way to store the tree is to wrap it in plastic sheets. This can be a good idea because the tree is artificial and doesn’t need the oxygen to maintain its look. However, this method works depending on how you can disassemble the tree. The good thing is that the tree you get will most likely have hinged branches that you can detach and then wrap each part in the paper.

If you have an older tree that doesn’t have detachable branches, then wrapping it in a sheet won’t be so much beneficial. I have seen a homeowner that draped a large cloth over the tree, a step that doesn’t keep out the moisture, dust, and pests.

Use a Bag Designed for the Specific Purpose

So far the best option for storing the tree is to use a bag or a bin that has been designed for the same purpose. These products are readily available; it is upon you to choose the right size and design for the task. Look for a bag that is made of a material that won’t let dust or moisture into the space. It should also have a zipper that allows you to keep the tree easily and remove it easily when the holidays come.

Make sure you clean the tree before storage. Visit Xmastree Express to find out how to do it the right way.

Final Thoughts

You need to get the right way to store the artificial tree in order to create space and keep it viable for the next use.