Best Electric Wood Splitters

Best Electric Wood Splitters

This log splitter works with the use of electricity and it is comfortable to use. It can be used indoor and it is very easy to utilize even if you are just using for the first time and it has a conservative size which means you can utilize it anywhere.

This log splitter is ideal for any individual who is in search for a splitter for occasional purposes. Electric splitter has great features such as; warranty, fast cycle times, good diameter splitting range and log length, a motor, made of steel and portability.

These are the features you should give attention to if you want to purchase wood splitter and you will find them all in an electric wood splitter. What makes electric splitter people’s choice is just that apart from being a device for home use, you can also utilize if for commercial purposes.

Let’s take a look at the types of electric splitters

Boss Industrial ES7T20

One important thing you must consider when purchasing an electric wood splitter is the speed. Boss Industrial ES7T20 is fashioned with an automatic ram return, and this reduces the duration spent on Splitting Wood. It makes works faster if you are to split huge numbers of logs; it is made up of strong components and a good hydraulic system.

This Splitter works with power and it starts its operation just after the initiation of the start button. With the help of the powerful 2 HP electric motor, splitting wood is much faster and easier as it helps to cut woods with 1400 pounds with a diameter of about 10 inches.

7 Ton Powerhouse wood Splitter XM-380

If you are in search of  the leading handy wood splitter which is safe to utilize, strong and rugged design that makes it the best ideal electric splitter for hard logs with impressive accuracy and speed, then this is the best deal for you. Powerhouse XM-380 7-Ton is a reliable wood splitter which can be used to split wood with diameter of about 12 inches with the help of its powerful 1,500 watt motor.

WEN 56206 6Ton

Most people love to purchase fast device and this is why you shouldn’t overlook this wood splitter because it is the fastest wood splitter I’ve ever seen with powerful 12,000 pounds of force to split wood at a faster rate with impressive precision.

This device doesn’t make noise which means you won’t be disturbing your neighbors when in utilization and it works with the use of your two hands, splitting wood with a diameter of 10 inches and a length of 20.5 inches.


If you are in need of a wood splitter and yet confused on which one you should purchase, I will suggest you buy the electric wood splitter as it saves you time, energy and get your work done at a faster rate.