Body Armours And Vests – Your Life Saviour During Threats

Body Armours And Vests – Your Life Saviour During Threats

Be it a fighter pilots or a badge warrior, a body armour or vest suit becomes a necessity as they run into do and die situations. These armours keep such professionals alive when the enemy leaves no chance in front of them.

Several researches ran into some valuable information, and stated that body armours must not be ready made but must be customised according to the needs of the mission and the threats that must come on the way.

Spectrum of choices available with the body armours

The age of defence is much advanced now where the officers can wear super light and soft armours that does not slow them down.

  1. Soft armour
  • It  forms a part of majority of the uniforms.
  • It decelerates the hand gun rounds and prevents it from the penetrating vest leaving behind a minor blunt force trauma.
  1. Ceramic poly plates
  • They are customised to resist rifle threats.
  • Soft armour is supplemented with poly plates that deflects the bullet and its backing material help in containing it inside.
  • The ceramic plates work at the principle of fracturing the impact but does not find effectiveness against multiple rounds.
  1. Polyethylene plate
  • It bears the capacity to be an effective material for deflection of multiple rifle rounds.
  • It works by consuming the frictional energy of a round to melt a small portion of a plate, which then cools and seals the bullet around.
  1. Steel plates
  • These are reliable and less expensive options.
  • Used mostly by elite operator’s top most list.
  1. Picking Carriers
  • It is a polyester carries that carries Velcro strips to be worn with a soft armour.
  • It is usually worn under street clothes.
  • Full carriers can carry not just the soft armour but also the plate armours.

Tips to opt for the best body armour and vest

  • Pick any armour, but it must have multi-stitching and attachment points to enhance the durability of the armour.
  • A vest must be such that it has multiple grabbing points to aid in circumstances where offices must be dragged until safe.
  • Elastic shoulder gears must be avoided as elastic can weaken over time and make an improperly fitted vest that can expose your vital areas to threat.
  • Vest must be customized and must carry with it tightening rigs so that it fits an officer perfectly.
  • Emergency plate carriers are perfect for active shooters.
  • A carrier without an armour is a failure, so keep your armour always in the carrier.

Make an educated decision and carry a comfortable, effective and long-lasting body armour always. Stay alive as your life is precious.