How to Design Employee ID card For Your Organization

How to Design Employee ID card For Your Organization

If you are like many other business owners, you possibly don’t pay much attention to your employees’ ID cards. You may not even want your employees to carry the identification cards. Either way, you are not placing any importance to the employee ID card, which is a big mistake.

The reality is that ID cards are imperial for numerous reasons, which includes customer relation, branding and workplace safety.  The correct ID cards help you to improve safety in your organization, thereby making it easier to regulate who does and doesn’t belong to your facility areas.

Design of an ID card

If anything unpleasant happens to an employee, such as robbery, medical emergency or an accident, an employee ID card serves as personal ID proof. Therefore, it should be designed in a way so as to provide adequate information as and when required.

  • Quality of The Card

A few things are important to be decided in respect to an ID card. You need to consider the material of the ID card i.e. whether it needs to be made up of plastic or paper material. You can click here for a list of such details. Secondly, you need to check whether your ID is to be one sided or two sided.

A double sided id card allows you to put more information. Lastly, you need to decide what additional features you want to incorporate in your card like magnetic strips, barcodes, smart chips and other safety features.

  • Company Logo

Your employee ID cards are branding and marketing pieces which represent your company. For reflecting your company’s details properly, it’s important to put your company’s logo in these cards, making sure that logo is consistent in font, colour and other details.

If you are worried about falsification of your ID cards, you can use additional security features like holographic overlay of logo, which is visible only when your card has turned at an angle.

  • Employee Information

This is the most important part of any ID card. It should contain important information such as employee name, designation, department etc. Moreover, it should have a clear photo of the employee which ensures security and authenticity of the card.


There are various designs of an ID card you can choose from.  You should choose one which suits your budget and requirement.