Instagram Tools and Other Hacks to Grow Your Following

Instagram Tools and Other Hacks to Grow Your Following

You know that you need to have a large audience to make any impact on Instagram, right? The problem is, if you don’t do things the right way, it can take you months before you can get a significant number of followers. These tips, however, will get you started.

Use Tools

One of the surest ways to draw attention to your Instagram account is to use tools such as automation and growth services. The idea is to fast-track the process so that people can get to notice you quickly. And, the more you become discoverable, the easier it is to grow your following naturally. On that note, don’t use any tool you find on the market. Analyze it first to know its history, reputation, and performance.

This article titled Risesocial User Reviews – Trust Advisor, for instance, is an excellent example of how you risk losing your money if you decide to use a service that doesn’t have any proven track record. On the flip side, the write-up offers suggestions of good Instagram growth services with a good, reputable history.

Use a Good Theme

Okay, your theme has to be attractive to the eyes. Other than that, choose one theme and stick to it. Getting your audience to engage with you also means maintain a consistent, beautiful theme. Think of it as a way of creating your brand’s identity. Consider using the same filter to make your images easily recognizable and to give your feed a professional look. Use similar colors and tone to give your content a natural flow.

Maximize the Power of User-Generated Content

Post-user-generated content as frequently as possible. It will give your product or service social proof and increase the chances of people following you. It also allows you to build a vibrant and highly engaging commonality around your brand. Other than that, user generated content makes it easy for you to find brand ambassadors. How do you come up with user-generated content? Well, by regularly asking your audience to share their posts with you. Be sure to entice them with an incentive such as running a giveaway or competition. Your job is then to curate their content by requesting them to use your branded hashtag

The Bottom Line

Once you have 1,000 to 5,000 followers, growing your audience become relatively easy. The only thing that you need to do is to remain consistent and post regularly.