Know the difference between psychic reading and fortune telling

Know the difference between psychic reading and fortune telling

Man is always curious to know the unknown – be it the future or things that are spiritual. Therefore, he tends to assume activities that are related to know the unknown tend to be similar as in all are ultimately aimed at revealing the future.

But you need to understand that they are not the same. For instance, there is a difference between psychic reading and fortune telling. Psychic reading is actually more than just forecasting the future. They are actually spiritual consultations and rather constitute a conversation with a friend of therapist who comes to your help whenever you seek it to see positive changes in your life. It includes an overall coverage starting from a specific question. A psychic can unearth important things from the past and help you understand your problems and dilemma by going into the depth. To know more, visit pscyhicfact.

A psychic gives you handy suggestion about how to deal with a situation and they can be in the form of meditation, physical exercise, etc. A psychic, almost like a psychologist, will analyze your situation and not just provide sugar-coated words for your ears. It is a balanced experience while dealing with a psychic. A psychic has credentials that makes him/her reliable enough to analyze your situation and give suggestions.

Fortune telling, on the other hand, though is often put in the same bracket as psychic reading, it is not exactly the same. Fortune telling is more about keeping people interested about knowing what’s in store for their future. Fortune tellers give more of a prediction about the future instead of analyzing people’s problems. Talks with a fortune-teller tend to be more one-sided as he/she speaks about your future and you keep on listening. And since the entire discussion is about the future, there is less scope of assessing the authenticity of the reading.

Fortune telling is most often associated with things that you tend to hear, like good fortune is in the waiting. It deals less with your own spiritual empowerment and hence is more likely to have an immediate impact and not really helpful for the long term.

There are fortune tellers who pretend to be psychic readers though they are not qualified and also unethical. Their main aim is to fool you to make money by trying to warn you against some evil curse which will make you apprehensive and desperate to find a way out and hence spend money. Money is not the main thing if you really want to get yourself back on the track.

To understand which is what, it is always better to bank on your own intuition. Nobody can be a better psychic reader than you in that.