Why does lawyers advice is obligatory during divorce?

Why does lawyers advice is obligatory during divorce?

Unfortunately, in our country, not everyone is able to afford to hire a real quality lawyer for participation in the judicial sessions connected with questions of annulment of marriage (divorce) and the section of a property of spouses. However, it does not mean that else before appealing to the court it is necessary to save on legal advice.

For example, for the year courts had been refusing in satisfaction of claim about the collection of the alimony as the plaintiffs very often had been giving incorrectly formulated demands. Moreover, even when the proofs were collected fully and correctly they have not been filed in the right sequence. The competent consultation of the experienced lawyer could correct everything. However, it is necessary to address for it not during the court session or the proceedings beginning, but before it.

The simple procedure of divorce is possible only in cases when spouses have no property claims to each other and they have no common children.

Most of the families should come up with such unpleasant situations as an annulment of marriage judicially, the section of the property, conclusion of separation agreements, establishment of an order of education and supporting of children and many other things. In such cases the help of the experienced lawyer is necessary!

The lawyer will help you to recognize your rights by family affairs and will tell the sequence of actions in case of a divorce:

  • what steps initially to take prior to the divorce (annulment of marriage, the section of property etc.);
  • what is the best way to act during the legal procedure, the section of a jointly acquired property, in the solution of questions of education of children, the collection of the alimony etc.;
  • how to minimize material losses in case of the section of property;
  • how to receive the part of a jointly acquired property;
  • what documents need to be collected for the creation of action for the declaration on family affairs

Surely consult or invite the lawyer for the court in cases:

  • If concerning one of the spouses criminal case is brought
  • If you were connected with violence in a family or child abuse in situations
  • Irresponsible behavior (abuse of alcoholic drinks, gambling)
  • Disability or other problems with health at one of the spouses
  • Alienation of a jointly acquired property
  • Arrest of a jointly acquired property based on the resolution of the investigating officer or court
  • Concealment of the property purchased in marriage by one of the spouses
  • Nonpayment of the credits to banks or physical persons
  • Moving of one of the spouses to another city
  • Restriction of visit of children
  • Deprivation of the parent rights
  • The warning to one of the spouses that he or she refuse to provide the alimony to another spouse to which that has the right
  • Collection of the alimony for the last period
  • The proceedings has already begun, and the judge strongly recommends you, to hire the lawyer