Making the Perfect First Impression

Making the Perfect First Impression

Image is everything when it comes to making an impression, whether you are going to a date or for an interview. Your image starts with the way you see yourself, general thoughts about your life and how you carry yourself. However one thing is certain; if you are well-groomed, well-polished and well-manicured, you tend to be bolder, confident and find favor than those who aren’t. Let us look at some considerations to put you in this exclusive group of people who find favor.

Smell Good

Make sure you use a deodorant after a bath or after taking a shower. The deodorant isn’t meant to make you smell good – it is supposed to mask your body odor. After masking your body odor, you need to apply perfume that has a stronger scent that will last longer than the deodorant. You can get one from Your Scent is Your Signature. Next, understand what your favorite scent is and always have a bottle at hand. Apply the perfume to the pulse points which are located on the wrists and neck region for a better result.

Dress Appropriately

Your clothes dictate your mannerisms and the internal and external behavior. The clothes you wear should complement what you want to portray. For one, they should fit you well, be modest and appropriate depending on the people you are about to meet and interact with. They should also fit the place of the meeting, the event and the time, season or weather. They should also be of great quality. Hint: don’t dress like a Christmas tree when you need to be in a neutral color.

Put Your Hair in Order

Make sure your hair is well groomed. If you go for a cut, make sure it is well done. Otherwise have it braided, plaited and styled properly. Don’t color your hair using screaming colors such as green or pink unless you are heading to a rock concert. The more conservative the hair is the much better you get to mingle with the crowd. Don’t forget to shave the hair in the armpit because it makes you sweaty and you smell funny.

Final Words

Making a lasting first impression is your way to repeat invitations, second dates and most likely a job offer. Make sure you know how to groom and carry yourself. Your scent, the way you dress and how your hair looks is one of the ways to stay ahead of the competition, that is if there is any.