Modern Types of Drums in the Market Today

Modern Types of Drums in the Market Today

Have you ever imagined how the world would be without music? Many people turn to music when they want to get lifted or when seeking uplifting. Some phenomenon musicians pass peace and reconciliatory message through their music. Sometimes, words are not just enough, but the rhythm, sound, and beats that come with them make the message sink better. Drums are one of the oldest musical instruments that still dominate the musical scene. These instruments have undergone evolution, and some even incorporate the latest technology. The following are the major types of drums in the market today.


This category of drums is most common in fusion and jazz music genres. You can also play in other types of music and enjoy its high pitch. This type of drum works best with smaller toms, especially when playing jazz music. Its kits usually come with a standard 10” and 12” quick toms, 14” snare drum, 14” floor tom and 20” bass drum. Fusion drums are ideal for continuous music and create the best blend at the hands of both professionals and amateurs.

Electric Drum Kits

This category is the latest addition to the market and uses the modern technology. Most people prefer them because of their sound quality and space requirement. Electric drum kits are ideal for gigs because most of them are highly portable. At Drum Kit Digital, you can get some of the best reviews of these types of drums. They are also ideal for studio and home recording and thus make music production a reality. Some models also have the capability to connect with external recording hardware through Bluetooth or USB. Most electric drum kits come with multiple sounds which you can choose from to avoid boredom. You always select the sound that fits your style of music.

Rock Kit

Most people are lead to believe that this type of drum is only fit for rock music. It is ideal for heavy music which makes it a great pick among rock musicians. Rock kits are very famous in live performances because of their loudness. The rock kit is not ideal for recording due to its sound quality. A kit with a 22” bass drum, 14” snare, 16” floor tom and 12” and 13” quick toms produces a heavy sound that fits party goers.

You can also find other types of drums like traditional among many more others. The choice of the type of drum will largely depend on the setting, personal preferences, and tastes.