How Much do you Know About the Catholic Church?

How Much do you Know About the Catholic Church?

There are more than one billion Catholics, making the church the largest denomination in the world. And, there are many facts you probably didn’t know about the church. Here are some of them.

Vatican City has the Highest Crime Rate on the Planet

Okay, before you dispute this fact, it is worth noting that Vatican City has a population of about 500 people. With at least one crime happening every day, the rate is well over one hundred percent per capita. Vatican City has an area of about one square mile and hosts up to twenty million visitors every year. The crimes here include picking pocketing and purse snatching.

The Church has More Than 10,000 Saints

Well, there’s no specific number of saints recognized by the church. However, they’re more than ten thousand. Be sure to read this updated blog post about one of the most controversial Catholic saints and his role in establishing the California Catholic church. Pope Francis canonized him in 2015.

Any Catholic is Allowed to Perform an Emergency Baptism

Yes, you can baptize your fellow Catholic if he or she is in danger of death. However, the person has to be willing to get baptized for the baptism to be valid. Plus, you have to refer to the catechism when conducting the ritual.

Up to 15% of Hospitals in the US are Catholic Hospitals

The Catholic Church has more hospitals in most of the world than any other church. In some areas, especially in the developing world, the church offers the only education, social and healthcare facilities available to the citizen.

The Church Has a Budget Bigger than Apple’s Profit

The fact that the Catholic Church is the largest denomination in the world can only translate into one thing – high expenditure. Indeed, the church spends more money than the annual income of the one of the biggest companies in the world, Apple. Most of these funds go to charity work. The Economist magazine says that the church spends more than $170 billion a year in comparison to Apples $157 annual revenue.

The Bottom Line

The Catholic Church is one of the oldest churches. In fact, it was the only church in the first 1,000 years of Christianity. It is not surprising therefore that there’s so much to learn about the church. Did you know, for instance, that women will never be priests in the church? Well, now you know!