The Need for Can Openers

The Need for Can Openers

A can opener is used to open cans of different sizes. The opener works by puncturing the metal and then removing the top cover, these openers have been around for more than five decades and during this time have evolved in various directions to make them easy to use.

Today we look at manual can openers and what they offer you as a homeowner looking to make work easier.

Manual can openers from Can Cutters are simple in design and easy to use. They come with a handle that is easy to grip and use on any can. The opener makes use of two arms, a handle and a flywheel, all that work together to make sure the can is opened.

Once enough of the cap has been removed the arms then release which causes the can to open. You can understand the need for these manual openers especially when you are in the outdoors or if you don’t have a connection to power at the moment. The manual can opener is ideal for those people who are out camping or hiking in remote areas. Since these don’t require electricity to run, they are maintenance free.

Oiling Is Crucial

One of the things you need to take care of to make sure the opener is working the right way is oiling of the moving parts, especially the gears. Oiling of the gears prevents any jamming that might affect the performance of the opener. You also need to clean the opener regularly. Fortunately, this opener is dishwasher safe, meaning you can clean it with the rest of the items that you place in the dishwasher.


Most of these can openers are made of stainless steel or hardened plastic. This material is hardy and doesn’t come apart easily. Make sure to check out the specifications of the can opener when purchasing so that you are guaranteed of the durability of the tool. The durability guarantees you the use of the tool for many years to come without the need for a replacement.

Final Consideration

You also need to consider the design and construction of the handle. Since the handle will be in use all the time, you need to make sure that you get a handle that is easy to grip and comfortable to use. You also need to consider the flywheel. This should be able to move smoothly whenever you turn the handle. The blade should be sharp enough to cut through the lid without causing jagged edges.