Do You Need a Little Help at Instagram?

Do You Need a Little Help at Instagram?

Nothing wrong with that, we can all use a little help sometimes, and Instagram does look very basic without much to explore there are actually a ton of things that you can do for more exposure, and as you already know, the more you get seen, the more money you will make, and don’t tell me that’s not why you are on Instagram, unless you do it purely from a hobby perspective instead, in that case, I haven’t said a thing.

Add your link

Instagram doesn’t have a specific input field for your URL or better-said link to your website. But you can insert it in your bio so don’t forget to do that or no one will ever find you.

Use photo filters

If you’re not a photoshop artist there are add-ons for Instagram that can help you to give your photos their own unique look. Instagram is all about visuals so you are responsible for making yourself recognizable to the outside world as it all comes down to branding.

Engage strangers

Don’t just contact random strangers but look who your most feared competitors are following and who they are talking to, you can probably learn a lot from them so there’s nothing wrong with a bit of spying to see what works best. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel here.

Consider a service

There are many services like the ones discussed at Fred Harrington that help you to grow your Instagram account. It’s like it costs you an arm and a leg while it can boost your account 10 times faster then if you were to do it all by yourself.

Create hashtags

Besides using hashtags based on locations, attractions, and events in and around your local area it’s also a good idea to come up with your own unique hashtag and use it like it’s a slogan. There’s a reasonable chance it will catch on if you are creative enough and cause a viral effect.

Don’t overdo it

There’s nothing as silly as posting something with 10+ hashtags at the bottom of the post so use them cleverly and stick to max 1-2 hashtags per post, personally I often find two already one too many, also don’t put them at the bottom but somewhere in the middle where it’s appropriate.

Brand = Hashtag

Most people forget this but your actual brand/company name should be your most important and most frequently used hashtags so don’t miss out of this golden opportunity to get the most out of your account. Remember, it’s all about recognition.