In most body shops the work involves finishing and painting of a car. There are many reasons why a car need finishing. Some ideas include appearance purposes in cases of accidents. Rowley Auto are experts in these services. They specialize in:

Vandal scratches

These are minor paint repairs to the panels. They are mainly scratches to the panels, paint repair to single panels and appearance repairs.
Paintless dent repair
It is also known as paintless dent removal. The primary purpose is to remove minor dents from a vehicle’s body. This method is used on both steel and aluminum panels and is applicable when paint of the car is intact.

Bumper scuff

These are scratches that reduce the value of your vehicle by affecting the appearance. It becomes hard to re-sell your car, or the value goes down. It only takes seconds to repair these type of damage and it saves a lot when it comes to your vehicle value.

Alloy wheels

This wheel is from both aluminum and other metals. Its combination results to strong and light wheels. These type of wheels are preferred for they are beautiful adding the value of your car.

Machine polishing

These are procedures to remove paint defects in the uppermost layer paint in a car. Its primary purpose is to enhance the surface glass in readiness for wax protection. These defects are scratches, stone chips, and swirl marks. All these errors result from poor washing techniques. To avoid them visit trained personnel for better results.

Stone chips

These happen to the windshields; they get cracked when your windshield is under pressure. The pressure sources are mainly from small impacts to birds droppings. It can grow in larger cracks if not repaired in time. When it develops into a crack, it will block your visibility while driving resulting in an accident. Seeking guidance from a licensed supplier for glass repair is important.

Kerbeb alloys

Alloy wheels add beauty and value to your motor. Sometimes an accident can occur, and your alloys become kerbed and scuffed. The techniques used by Rowley Auto LTD to repair scuffed and kerbed alloy wheels rims and spikes are professional and profitable. Later you get your wheels in their original conditions.

Lease car returns preparation

After hiring a vehicle, the leasing company assesses the vehicle when you return it. You will face charges for any damage that the car might have and may face penalties according to the agreement. It is better to take your vehicle to an expert who will charge you fairly and guide you on the damages cost and the best repair service to offer.

Window chips and tinting

These processes can be carried out for cosmetic purposes and safety reasons. Rowley Auto LTD offers a variety of films used in the automotive industry for over a decade. We have all types of tints, and they will be fitted expertly at the workshop. Some benefits come with the tints:

  • Vision
  • Reduce heat
  • Safety
  • Privacy



All these services are in the company’s body shop. To experience quality contact Rowley Auto LTD at