How to Remain Authentic with Instagram Automation

How to Remain Authentic with Instagram Automation

Despite all the efforts by Instagram to wade off any use of automation tools on the platform, it seems that the wave is not going anywhere anytime soon. Even after numerous engagement companies were shut down including Instagress, there is still an array of Instagram bots available as highlighted on Income Artist. Therefore, it’s quite apparent that developers are keen to replace and develop improved versions of the platforms we thought were gone for good.

Whereas automation is not the best solution to grow your Instagram account, it can be useful as a method of scaling up proven and successful manual tactics. This article explores the best approach to automate your Instagram account without the risk of compromising your brand reputation.

Identify your priorities

Before subscribing to any third party services, it’s important to establish the kind of engagement that works best for you. Between commenting, following, and liking posts, what works best for your brand? Bots are designed differently, thus choose one that will help you attain the best results for your brand.  Nevertheless, remember that by automating any aspect of your account, you are putting it at risk of being flagged and eventually suspended or banned.

Automated likes

The risk associated with auto-liking Instagram photos is quite low compared to the other forms of engagement. To be on the safe side, program the bot to auto-like a maximum of about eighty photos in an hour. However, just as they are low-risk tools, their rewards are also low and will likely bring only a few followers or engagement to your account.

Stay away from auto-commenting bots

Auto-commenting is a high-risk tactic that can easily get your account suspended. Auto-commenting bots have a tendency to comment with an emoji, or short and incomplete comments, that are likely to raise eyebrows. They also tend to leave comments that are out of context with regard to the post in question.

Such misplaced comments may create ill-feelings between you and other users as they portray you as insensitive. Nonetheless, most Instagram users today can detect a robotic comment, hence you risk losing your followers and tarnishing your brand’s image by using auto-commenting bots.

Overall, know your target audience and take time to establish whether your tactics are successful manually before going the automation way. Taking into account the risk involved, it’s paramount that you exercise care when using Instagram automation tools. One bad move and all your hard work go to waste. At the end of the day, automation cannot attain the level of engagement you get with authentic interactions. If you can, overlook automation and seek alternative methods that are genuine.