The Prepared Parent Does This

The Prepared Parent Does This

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the entire world.

Anyone who tells you differently is either delusional or has no experience in this area. That being said, it’s also one of the most fulfilling and joyful roles you’ll ever have the privilege of having.

While this is a tough job, there are things we can do to ensure our children grow up to be decent human beings.

No matter the difficulty, whether it’s potty training during the early years, hormonal bursts of emotions during the teen years, or the fine balance during your children’s adulthood, having a plan and being prepared will definitely help.

This doesn’t guarantee complete success, but having a plan and knowing what you’re up against is a better technique than simply going wherever the wind blows.

For example, when children are younger, the smart parent focuses on protecting them. This includes being prepared for weather changes, especially during various seasons. Being able to see any difference allows you to adapt to the situation.

If you remain calm, flexible, and prepared, your child will hopefully internalize these good habits and pass them onto future generations.

There’s no doubt that the teen years are a trial for both children and parents. It’s best to always try to meet your child in the middle. Rather than commanding your children, this stage needs more of a gentle touch, such as persuasion or cajoling.

Then once your child is an adult, the relationship needs to shift again. He or she becomes more of a friend, but not a peer.

Even if you do everything perfectly, however, this doesn’t guarantee anything. You’ve seen the good parents with the crime-committing children. But even if your child chooses to disregard everything, at least that seed was planted inside of him or her.

But before you get the impression that parenting is all work and no play, remember that you get to mold and guide these humans. Even though they came from you, they have their own quirks and personalities.

While your children will undoubtedly push your buttons, the ringing laughter in your home is a special kind of gift that you can cherish once the kids are no longer with you

Children will also reveal your greatest strengths and weaknesses. If you’re able to learn from these experiences you’ll become a better person.

Be your children’s teacher and protector, but also keep yourself open to the lessons they’ll teach you.