Tips for Maintaining Your Wine Chiller

Tips for Maintaining Your Wine Chiller

Wine chiller is a great appliance when you need to store your wine or age it to taste better. However, to keep it running smoothly, you need to perform a series of maintenance activities.
The following tips will help boost the durability and efficiency of the appliance.

Install Your Unit is the Proper Location

Winner chillers work like the refrigerators. Therefore, it is important to install it in the right location. Place the chiller on a flat surface. For a more efficient appliance, elevate the appliance about four to six inches above the ground.

If the unit uses front ventilation, you can install it under the counter or place it in flush with the cabinetry. However, if it has any other type of ventilation, do not put it in a confined space. If your room is squeezed, leave at least four inches all around the unit for ventilation.

Avoid Overloading Your Appliance

Every wine chiller comes with the capacity indicated by the manufacturer. If your wine bottles are in various sizes, the capacity may be less than what is stated by the manufacturer. Always choose the wine chiller that meets your need.

The ideal size should be a little larger than the capacity you need. MeetRV provides an overview of the characteristics of the best RV wine chillers in terms of the capacity, durability and function to make an informed buying decision. Exceeding the capacity of the wine chiller causes hot spots in the interior that may cause the wine to go bad.

Clean Your Chiller Occasionally

Cleaning the wine chiller occasionally increases its efficiency. It also helps lower moisture or frost buildups especially in the corners that you cannot see.

When cleaning the unit start by switching it off and disconnecting it from power. Then, remove all the wine bottles and place them in a cool dark place. Wipe down the interior with a clean, soft cloth. Reconnect the power and give it a while to cool down before reinserting the shelves and putting the bottles.

Change the Filtration System After a While

Some modern wine chillers come with an integrated filtration system that protects the interior and your wine from strong odors. However, the unit becomes clogged up every few months. Consider changing the filter every three to six months so that it works efficiently and protects your wine from getting other smells.